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The Colorado Concierge Answers Your Bar and Restaurant Questions

We’ve all been faced with the “Where should we go?” question;  sometimes the answer is obvious, but at other times we need help. Whether it’s finding the perfect place to celebrate the right occasion, determining what kitchen can accommodate an unusual dietary restriction, or maybe just discovering a new place to satisfy a late-night craving, we've got you covered. The Colorado Concierge will help you find the best restaurant, bar or cafe to suit your specific needs.

Our first question comes from Julie:
 I have a new friend who is in a wheelchair. When looking for places to go for coffee or a happy hour, I found few to no suggestions for where those in wheelchairs can feel comfortable. This seems like a very odd oversight in Denver tourism; everyone should have a chance to enjoy our great city. Just because you are in a chair doesn't mean you are dead! 

Finding a fun spot to grab coffee and absorb Denver’s local beverage culture shouldn’t be defeated by something as basic as wheelchair accessibility. Just because you're in a wheelchair doesn't mean you can't experience prime seating, a gorgeous patio or bar views. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll avoid recommending anywhere with stairs to the entrance, tight doorways, cramped quarters, difficult parking and unfortunate bathrooms. Here are some accessible options for coffee and cocktails.

For Coffee:
   1. Corvus Coffee
1740 South Broadway

Corvus Coffee is a fantastic spot to to experience Denver coffee culture along the South Broadway stretch of town. Both a small batch roaster and coffee shop, Corvus brews a variety of coffees from all over the world. Complete with a small parking lot, ample space to lounge, and a selection of pastries, Corvus has all of the amenities for a comfortable catch-up session with a friend. Corvus is open daily, 6:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
2. Huckleberry Roasters
4301 Pecos Street

Tucked within Denver’s Sunnyside neighborhood, Huckleberry Roasters is a perfect retreat when visiting the northwest side of town. This coffee shop features a modern interior drenched with natural sunlight, with a view into the shop’s roasting room. Several parking spaces are available behind the shop, along with neighborhood street parking. Huckleberry offers a small menu of toasts and pastries and is open daily, from early morning until early evening. 
3. Boxcar Coffee Roasters inside The Source
3350 Brighton Boulevard

Located inside the Source urban market, Boxcar Denver is an extension of the long-popular Boxcar Boulder. Order a coffee and snag a table in the market’s communal lounge space. Consider visiting other vendors while exploring one of the city’s best destinations for food lovers. The Source is connected to a new parking garage (though valet may be a better option) and is open daily starting at 8 a.m.

Keep reading for wheelchair-accessible happy-hour options...
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Lauren Rapp works in experiential marketing by day and moonlights as Westword Colorado Concierge, answering your dining-specific queries.
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