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Harman's eat and drink

Edward Harman was a pioneer in what would become Cherry Creek, and Harman’s eat & drink is exploring new culinary territory in that now-upscale neighborhood. Legendary Colorado restaurateur Mark Fischer, whose first foray into the Denver dining scene was Phat Thai, determined in early 2013 that the Asian-fusion concept wasn’t working in Cherry Creek, and after a quick renovation, he rebranded the space as Harman’s, a comfortable, New American restaurant designed as a regular hangout for the neighborhood. The place is patterned after the Pullman, a restaurant that Fischer owns in Glenwood Springs. He describes the food as "approachable, personal, made with integrity and super-tasty," and regulars would definitely agree as they crowd around tables and the bar to order braised-goat tostadas, truffled pork rinds, an English-pea agnolotti that ranks as one of our 100 Favorite Dishes, and a roasted-beet salad that’s definitely one of the most memorable dishes of the year.