Word of Mouth

Reader: Harman's Is One of Cherry Creek's Cursed Spots

Cherry Creek is changing, and changing fast. Some of those changes have occurred at 2900 East Second Avenue, where Harman's Eat & Drink opened three years ago — after restaurateur Mark Fischer first tried to make a go of a Denver version of his successful Carbondale eatery, Phat Thai, in the space that had previously swallowed several other concepts. And now Harman's will close in October, because of what it calls an "unmanageable increase" in rent. Says Chelsea: 
Oh no!!! I love this place!
Counters Nancy: 
Worst. Service. Ever.
Notes Jaime: 
This particular spot seems cursed...3 places have opened and closed there in about 4 years.
Cherry Creek seems to have more than its share of black-hole spaces — and one, at 250 Josephine Street, was recently wiped off the map altogether.

Have you ever been to Harman's? Any of its predecessors? What's your favorite spot in Cherry Creek? 
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