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La Guarida Cubana

La Guarida Cubana opened in the summer of 2012 on a stretch of East Colfax known more for McDonald’s and pot shops than good food. But Lissette and Enrique Rosell, who run this no-frills mom-and-pop joint, are definitely serving good food, authentic Cuban fare that’s made with love, Lissette says. Although the names may not be traditional (coffee and milk rather than café con leche; rice with chicken instead of arroz con pollo), the tastes definitely are. Standouts include the Cuban and Midnight sandwiches and the No. 2 combo plate, featuring “lechon asado,” which also comes with the best sides: moro rice and maduros, soft slices of sweet plantains that are fried until dark brown on the edges, sugars transformed into caramelesque chewiness. Although there are a few misses on the menu (and no tres leches cake at all!), there’s a lot to love here.