Los Chingones

Troy Guard is out to make the 2400 block of Larimer Street the taco the town with Los Chingones, a stylish taqueria that he opened there at the end of 2013, ten blocks and a world away from TAG. For decades, this block was home to the Bamboo Hut, a Mexican restaurant that made grease-dripping fried tacos; in contrast, the tacos on the menu at Los Chingones are little works of art, with quality meats and interesting toppings. But that’s just the start of the menu's delights. You’ll also find great guacamole, ceviche and an incredible roster of cocktails from a bar almost completely devoted to tequila. Grab a stool and enjoy the view of rapidly gentrifying Larimer through the giant windows on the ground floor, or head upstairs for more of a clubhouse ambience.