Pie Hole | South Denver | Pizza | Restaurant

Pie Hole

Neighborhood: South Denver
This simple eatery has been meeting the essential needs of bar-hoppers and Baker neighbors alike since 2013. Pinball machines? Check. Goofy murals and even goofier pizza names? Check. Dollar PBRs all day, every day? You got it. Tasty thin-crust pizzas, including at least two vegan options daily? Absolutely. And with both slices and pies served until the wee hours of the morning, you're sure to find whatever you're jonesing for in a laid-back atmosphere. Poke your head in to check out the daily specials (the Bill, the Ted and the Rufus one day; the Pantera, the Maiden and the Primus the next) and find yourself in pie heaven at Pie Hole.
Danielle Lirette