Ten Great Denver Pizzas for Plant-Based Eaters

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Being a vegan doesn’t mean missing out on those classic foods that everyone loves. Pizza is often characterized by a thick layer of mozzarella cheese and pepperoni or sausage, but Colorado pizza spots are switching things up to appeal to a wider range of customers. These ten local pizzerias and restaurants are making delicious vegan pizzas.

This is how every Brooklyn Pizza starts.
This is how every Brooklyn Pizza starts.

Brooklyn Pizza
890 South Monaco Parkway, Unit #7

Not only can you get a variety of veg-friendly toppings on a pizza at this five-year-old pizzeria, but for a hearty option, you can get them rolled into a jumbo calzone. Meat alternatives include meatless meatballs, veggie pepperoni and a faux Italian sausage (all listed as premium ingredients). Brooklyn uses dairy-free Daiya cheese for a stretchy dairy-free option, and vegetables include sliced tomatoes, banana peppers, black olives, fresh garlic, mushrooms and more.

City, O' City is one of Denver's favorite meat-free eateries.EXPAND
City, O' City is one of Denver's favorite meat-free eateries.

City, O’ City
206 East 13th Avenue

City, O’ City is a staple in the vegetarian and vegan community for a reason: a huge, exciting menu filled with plant-based food in a fun atmosphere. All pizzas on the menu can be made vegan (and gluten-free, too). Choose from Daiya cheese, a house made creamy cashew cheese or a mixture of both. Red sauce, seitan sausage, a flavorful tempeh bacon, poblano peppers, tomatoes, red onion, arugula, spinach, basil and mushrooms are just a few of the topping options to load on the crispy, airy crust.

Vegans have a good reason to hit Hops & Pie — other than the great beer list, that is.EXPAND
Vegans have a good reason to hit Hops & Pie — other than the great beer list, that is.

Hops & Pie
3920 Tennyson Street

Fortunately, vegans don’t need to miss out on all the pizza goodness — or great beers — at Hops & Pie. Meat is swapped out with a robust housemade, meat-free Sicilian sausage with a kick or house-smoked tofu. Daiya cheese is available to top things off alongside a slew of vegetable options. While you’ll find green bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, Kalamata olives and other traditional pizza toppings, there are also plenty of offbeat choices to jazz things up. Caramelized onions, broccoli, roasted garlic cloves, sun-dried tomatoes and jalapeños make up the eclectic selections.

Marquis is the perfect stop for a pre-show vegan pizza.
Marquis is the perfect stop for a pre-show vegan pizza.
Kristen Kuchar

Marquis Pizza
2009 Larimer Street

Marquis Pizza, which has been making vegan pizzas for nine years next to the concert venue of the same name, stepped up its game three years ago, according to manager Ben Pitts. What changed? For starters, the kitchen now whips up a vegan white sauce out of silken tofu along with housemade buffalo seitan. The Tofugazi is the pizzeria's most popular specialty pie and flagship vegan pizza. The now-famous white sauce is accompanied by spinach, Daiya mozzarella, buffalo seitan and green peppers. The Marquis also offers vegan versions of garlic knots, cheese bread and an apple pie dessert pizza.

Mellow Mushroom
1201 16th Street, Suite 108

Mellow Mushroom serves both a classic crust and a thinner crust on which to build your pie. For toppings, the tofu and tempeh are cooked in jerk, teriyaki or barbecue sauce. Vegan cheese and a plethora of veggies (portobello mushrooms, banana peppers, avocado, green olives and roasted tomatoes are among the ingredients) round out the choices. Try a Greek-inspired pizza with fresh cucumber, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts and Roma tomatoes.

Modern Market has specialty pies designed for vegans.EXPAND
Modern Market has specialty pies designed for vegans.
Modern Market

Modern Market
Multiple Locations

This Colorado-based chain not only serves vegan pizzas, but soups, salads, sandwiches and homestyle plates too. Beyond the many metro Denver locations, you can also find Modern Market at Denver International Airport, which is great, because we know how tricky it can be to eat plant-based while traveling. Many of the pies can be made vegan with a simple swap, but Modern Market’s Crimini Kale special is already vegan. The whole-grain dough is loaded with roasted crimini mushrooms, kale, red onion and organic red sauce. Even just half of the pizza is an impressive twelve grams of protein and a mere 380 calories.

Pie Hole is there for late-night vegans.EXPAND
Pie Hole is there for late-night vegans.
Phillip Poston

Pie Hole
44 South Broadway

Pie Hole is open late (until at least 2 a.m. every day) for delivery and carry-out. The Vegan Delight pie is topped with a vegan roux, spinach, tomatoes, roasted garlic and tomatoes. For a more unique pizza, try the Pineapple Princess. Pineapple, roasted red peppers and basil are layered on a Thai peanut sauce.

520 West South Boulder Road, Lafayette, 303-666-1518
1650 28th Street, Boulder, 303-444-1122

Craft your own pizza starting with a signature thin crust (the house specialty), double dough or gluten-free – all of which are vegan. Next up is the sauce: organic tomato, spicy organic tomato or a simple olive oil — or switch it up with a sweet and bold barbecue sauce. PizzaRev offers vegan sausage as a protein option and a slew of veggies. Complete the pizza with a robust herb or seasoning, such as fennel seeds, cilantro, basil or capers.

Pizzeria Locale's sauce and crust are so good, you don't need the cheese.EXPAND
Pizzeria Locale's sauce and crust are so good, you don't need the cheese.
Pizzeria Locale

Pizzeria Locale
1730 Pearl Street, Boulder

The chefs at Pizzeria Locale in downtown Boulder are happy to modify any pizza to make it vegan. The Erbosita is a simple pizza with a classic marinara sauce and seasonal herbs (sans the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese). If you’re looking for a bit more pizzazz in your pie, try the Solano. San Marzano tomatoes are covered with violetta eggplant, oven-roasted Anaheim peppers, shishito peppers and sweet caramelized onions.

Sexy pizza is a sexy option for vegan pizza lovers.EXPAND
Sexy pizza is a sexy option for vegan pizza lovers.

Sexy Pizza
1018 East 11th Avenue, 303-830-8111
1579 South Pearl Street, 303-777-5878
2460 Eliot Street, 303-927-7764

Sexy Pizza is super-accessible for all of your vegan pizza cravings. With locations in Capitol Hill, Old South Pearl and Jefferson Park and late hours until 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, all three locations have you covered. Hand-tossed dough and fresh veggies hand-cut daily make for pies that are a step above standard takeout. The best part about eating at Sexy Pizza (other than the food itself, that is) is that a portion of profits are donated to local community organizations, including the Colorado Youth Symphony and Freedom Service Dogs.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.