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Sunnyside Burger Bar

Another outpost in the Larimer Associates portfolio of Denver restaurants, Sunnyside offers a comforting menu in a casual, neighborhood joint. Burgers, as the sign says, are the name of the game here, in a relaxed setting with service that falls somewhere between fast-casual and full-on table service. Ordering is done in the standard fast-casual format: the line snakes past the bar where you can grab a beer -- perhaps from Diebolt Brewing just a few blocks away -- or cocktail before ordering from the big menu board, but servers patrol the dining room once you grab a table (numbered so you never have to tote your food around looking for a seat) in case you want to tack on to your order. Along the signature fried pickle chips from consulting chef Troy Guard, burger-combo toppings range from healthier options such as roasted beets, quinoa and kale to decidedly decadent fare like fried avocado slices and piles of potato chips. Retro touches like pimento cheese spread and green goddess dip give away Guard's fondness for the food of his childhood.