Union Lodge No. 1

1543 Champa St.
Denver, CO 80202
Critics' Pick
Best Of


  • Full bar
  • Metered Parking
  • Reservations Not Accepted
Lenka Juchelkova and her husband, Mike Huggins, have a knack for planting excellent bars in neighborhoods in desperate need of good watering holes. After they gave Olde Town Arvada the Arvada Tavern, they went to an underserved block off of the 16th Street Mall, nestling the Americana-appointed Union Lodge No. 1 among outposts of fast-casual chains. Deftly executed American classics — the bar’s list pays homage to pre-Prohibition mainstays like the Martinez and the Brandy Crusta — draw in a mix of in-the-know drinkers, first dates and visiting business types. Like its suburban sibling, the Lodge is more than just a bar you’ll be glad to know about when you’re in the neighborhood. Rather, it’s a destination in its own right.

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