White Pie | Capitol Hill/Uptown/City Park | Pizza | Restaurant
Danielle Lirette

White Pie

Danielle Lirette
At White Pie, brothers Kris and Jason Wallenta dish up wood-fired pizzas inspired by their childhood in New Haven, Connecticut. But even though their pizzas were inspired by an East Coast classic, they aren’t chained to tradition – just as their tacos at Dos Santos, the Mexican restaurant they run around the corner, aren’t bound by Mexican custom. Freed from expectations, White Pie’s crisp, charred, often garlicky, just-cheesy-enough pizzas open us to new possibilities for what else pizza can be, without straying into the crazy land of pineapple and barbecue sauce. Some are white, like the best-selling White Pie — with mozzarella sprinkled over crème fraîche, plus bacon, garlic, mushrooms and a poached egg — and the mind-boggling (in a good way) Paulie Walnuts, with cheese, mashed potatoes, candied walnuts and bacon. Others are red, like the Porky Porkorino, with sopressata that curls and crisps around the edges from the oven’s high heat, plus pickled jalapeños and chile-infused honey. Even if this style of pizza isn’t your thing, you’re sure to find something that is at White Pie, whether it’s creamy, ten-layered lasagna, cacio e pepe or a frozen Negroni.