Ask a Stoner: Is Catnip Basically Marijuana for Cats?

Dear Stoner: Everyone talks about getting dogs high. Why not cats? Is it because they’re used to getting high from catnip?

Dear Kathryn: About 17 million more American households have dogs than cats, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, but it’s not just the numbers. A cat won’t stand for a shitty owner blowing smoke in its face as an obedient dog might, and dogs are more likely to eat edibles left around the house than cats. Despite the disparities, though, cats have gotten into stashes before, and information is readily available for what to do if that happens: Call a vet and monitor its behavior, essentially.
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Don’t go to PetSmart next time you run out of pot: Catnip doesn’t affect humans the same way.
Cannabis is extremely potent and possibly even toxic to cats, but catnip does sorta seem like the feline version of weed. According to pet news website Daily Paws, catnip “affects the brain of a cat when it's inhaled or eaten” and may cause “happy” and “mellow” chemical responses in their brains. Add in the munchies, and that sounds a lot like a pre-dinner joint session to me. That said, don’t go to PetSmart next time you run out of pot: Catnip doesn’t affect humans the same way, and users report feeling pretty awful after smoking it.

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