Who Smokes Enough for a Monthly Marijuana Toy Box?

Who Smokes Enough for a Monthly Marijuana Toy Box?
Jacqueline Collins
Benefiting from a combination of pandemic paranoia and convenience, delivery services have never been more popular. And they don't stop at takeout and Amazon: Monthly memberships for booze, pampering products, produce and virtually everything in between are popping up more frequently, sending us curated boxes that satisfy our favorite cravings and cater to our obsessive hobbies.

And if you're a pot-loving toy collector or simply a stoned klutz, Daily High Club is here to refill your stash of themed glass, papers, hash mats, pipe cleaners and so much more. To learn more about Daily High Club's boxes of paraphernalia goodies, how COVID-19 has impacted its mailing service and what cannabis users want in their toy boxes, we talked with CEO Harrison Baum.

Westword: How has the pandemic affected Daily High Club? Are more people interested in boxes delivered to their doors as head shops open and close?

Harrison Baum: At first the pandemic crippled us. We adhered to strict guidelines and had to work with a reduced staff. Since we could only have a certain number of people in the warehouse, packages were delayed and complaints went up. It also completely broke our supply chain. But customers have been more understanding as the pandemic continued to unfold. On the flip side, though, people want their glass delivered now more than ever! A lot of people are at home stressed and afraid, and are just looking for a way to unwind.

Outside of pipes and glassware, what are some cool/interesting things included in the Daily High Club box? Which have been the most popular?

I’m a big fan of Moose Labs, especially during the COVID pandemic. It's essentially a silicone piece that goes over your glass to stop the spread of germs with people you’re sharing with, and to filter the smoke. It has been immensely popular. I also love the Smojo smoking screen, which is a little filter that clips into your bowl so that ash doesn’t get sucked through. Filters aren’t exactly new, but I thought it was really cool that they found a better way to do it.

How does one sign up for a monthly marijuana accessory membership and not end up with a closet full of glass in six months? Or is that the goal?

Our brand is absolutely for collectors! It’s incredible how long some of our most loyal customers have been with us. Customers will send in [photos of] walls plastered with months of our box art and shelves of our glass from over the years. Since the boxes come with different items every month, there’s really something new to try in every pack. For members who are looking to shop more specific products once they’ve tried out a few styles and brands, they know what they like! Our head shop features larger and more intricate pieces, re-ups on  favorite accessories and other epic goods.
click to enlarge Daily High Club CEO Harrison Baum. - COURTESY OF DAILY HIGH CLUB
Daily High Club CEO Harrison Baum.
Courtesy of Daily High Club

What level of cannabis user is the box made for?

We try to make something that caters to everyone, from rookies to veterans alike. It can sometimes be difficult to find that balance, but I think we’ve gotten it to a place where daily users enjoy building a collection and newbies appreciate discovering what they like.

Take us into the process of curating each box: Is there a monthly or seasonal theme? Do you try to avoid too much similarity?

We do stick to different seasonal and relevant themes. It’s important to us to keep the box items changed up from month to month to give everyone a good variety of accessories to try. It gives our members a more rounded experience. For example, we did a Dizzle Puffs juicebox [bong] last year and people loved it! Koala Puffs and MacDizzle are huge advocates and content creators in the space and wanted to collaborate again. Even though we had some crazy new concepts, we thought it would be fun to re-release the juicebox with an all-new design and partnered with PHILTER to create an augmented reality experience on the glass. Then we discontinued the old one so that each is an exclusive collectible. We might bring both back, but you’ll have to find out!

How do you tap into the nostalgia of cannabis culture while still surprising members each month?

Believe it or not, sometimes the culture/nostalgia is the surprise. For example, we know Tommy Chong is a legend, but the new generation, who just became old enough to buy our products, isn’t intimately familiar with him and his work. So when we made a box commemorating him, it was exciting to see praise from cannabis veterans as well as rookies telling us they loved watching his movies for the first time, as well as connecting the newer generation with such a legend. We work with other cannabis community icons, such as B-Real, who continues to help push the envelope in this industry. Working with those that helped create this industry and pairing them with our more modern users creates a unique community experience that spans generations.
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