Ask a Stoner: Do All Pre-Rolled Joints Suck?

Ask a Stoner: Do All Pre-Rolled Joints Suck?
Dear Stoner: Do all pre-rolls suck, or is it just me?

Dear Clinton: I called pre-rolled joints the hot dogs of the pot industry a few years ago, and I stand by that characterization. Some pre-rolls of decent quality do exist...but at about the same percentage as you find healthy hot dogs.
click to enlarge Like any convenience, you have to pay a premium for pre-rolls. - JACQUELINE COLLINS
Like any convenience, you have to pay a premium for pre-rolls.
Jacqueline Collins
There’s a reason that mold recalls have been issued for pre-rolls: You can hide shitty weed or worse inside joint papers. While I am by no means saying that all of your joints are laced with mold, the fact remains that a lot of stores sell trim and popcorn buds inside their house pre-rolls. At least most of them are honest about it now, and the price should reflect the quality. More dispensaries are also selling cones filled with actual buds, and virtually every wholesale pre-roll brand is stuffing its joints or blunts with nugs, sometimes even adding hash oil to the mix. I prefer to save money and peace of mind by rolling my own, but some people are simply used to buying loosies.

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