Ask a Stoner: Which Dispensary Menu Websites Work Best?

Dear Stoner: What’s the best dispensary menu website? It seems like they’re all using different services, and some of them are hard to navigate.

Dear Browsing: All of this dispensary menu tech has made life easier for shoppers, even if pre-ordering flower carries its own risks. There are currently four major websites employed by dispensaries to display menus or administer pre-orders. Weedmaps and Leafly were the first and remain the most popular, and both have expanded into culture, news and strain profiles over the past several years. Jane and Dutchie are two more recent competitors, sales-focused websites that list dispensary menus, allow easy pre-orders and include user-friendly search engines for strains and products.
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Scott Lentz
Since new competition entered the fray, Weedmaps and Leafly have both upped their games. Now these services generally have the same features, and their effectiveness depends on the dispensaries using them. All of the options are confusing, but it could be worse. Cannabis ordering options and product searches weren’t available in Colorado until the pandemic forced stores to play along. Before that, dispensaries were liable to have old or faulty information for weeks at a time.

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