Ask a Stoner: Won't Cannabis Vending Machines Cut Jobs?

Dear Stoner: I saw the governor recently promoting cannabis vending machines that don't require human employees. How could he promote something that cuts jobs in cannabis?
Human Bean

Dear Human Bean: Welcome to the future, my friend. I recently saw Governor Jared Polis's Twitter page praising Terrapin Care Station's new cannabis vending machines, which are technically the first vending machines that don't require any human employees for purchase. If you don't like self-checkouts at the grocery store, then you'll hate this!
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Terrapin Care Station's new vending machine are a window into the future of cannabis sales.
Terrapin Care Station
Terrapin's vending machine will likely replace a human worker, or maybe more than one, and you never want to see people lose jobs. On top of that, these vending machines can't be strategically placed in transit stations or on corners where you can grab a quick joint, but only inside dispensaries because of state laws. On the other end, it would be nice to be able to quickly get in and out of a pot shop with my eighth of flower rather than waiting behind a hypebeast asking about everything on the shelf. I prefer to see humans instead of robots hand me weed, but if enough people use the machines, how much can we really complain? Rely on your wallet to talk.

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