12 best Deadmau5 mau5heads spotted last night at Red Rocks

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Showing support for your favorite band, singer or DJ used to be as simple as wearing their T-shirt to the show, even if meant you were That Guy. Fans of Deadmau5, the Canadian-born DJ born Joel Zimmerman, have taken it to a new level though, donning the giant, cartoonish mouse head he wears behind the decks. We've seen all variety of fan-made Deadmau5 masks at his shows in Denver, including an excellent Colorado-centric one. He's come a long way over the past year or so, as last night's sold-out performance at Red Rocks proved. There are even multiple websites teaching fans how to make their own "mau5head." Here are the best mau5keteers we spotted last night. Photos by Aaron Thackeray; see the full Deadmau5 at Red Rocks slide show.

Categories are ranked 1 to 5, with 5 being the best, and the "mau5 5core" () is the final figure.
12. Color Coordination:

0. No matching going on here.


1. They just look like store-bought fuzzy mouse ears, left over from a Halloween gone-by.


1. At least she thought to bring something.


2 points.

Mau5 5core:11. Color Coordination:

0. It's just a skateboarding T-shirt. And it's not even green or red.


1. Buckle that chin-strap, sir! And the lines in the mask around the mouth negate any care you took making it.


2. The use of reflective material here is a nice thought, but it's more of the same.


3 points.

Mau5 5core:10. Color Coordination:

1. It's just a T-shirt, albeit a white-on-black one, which only makes the neon mask stand out more so. One point for the mask on the shirt's comparable size to the mask on his head. It's like two of them are staring at us with their cold, dead mouse eyes.


2. See above.


2. Pretty basic mask here.


5 points.

Mau5 5core:9. Color Coordination:

3. If he was wearing a black shirt, he might get a 5.


1. There are what looks like glue issues around the mouth.


2. As mau5heads go, this is pretty basic.


6 points.

Mau5 5core:8 and 7. Color Coordination:

1. This is a dynamic duo, but the masks really don't go all that well with the rest of them.


2. The stereo levels on the mask on the right -- and the X'ed out eyes -- earned all the points for this couple.


4. Again, the stereo levels are a nice touch. But there's not much else going on here. Even the glowstick piping around the left mask doesn't completely cover the ears.


7 points.

Mau5 5core:

UPDATE: Our mau5head writes in!

"I liked the write up. Just one point of clarification on #7/#8, my glow did go all the way around the ears. I realize that image doesn't show that, but here's an image of when I was building it that shows it: http://tinypic.com/r/1zqzvj5/7 Also a youtube clip of the head in action - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDIVGOsM1Xs . Don't want people thinking I half-assed mine haha!"

6. Color Coordination: 3. This little guy (or girl's?) neon-on-black shirt goes nicely with his mask, even if it's not the most original shirt spotted last night. (See: background.) Professionalism: 5. If this kid made his own mask, he has a Project Runway future ahead of him. Creativity: 2. Pretty basic pink mask here. Total: 10 points. Mau5 5core: 5. Color Coordination: 3. Opting for a black hoodie didn't help, but it does have a Deamau5 logo. Professionalism: 3. The X'ed out eyes are a detailed touch. Creativity: 4. The glowstick lights around the ears are nice touch. Total: 10 points. Mau5 5core: 4. Color Coordination: 4. Excellent use of black and white. Professionalism: 4. Look at that fuzzy mask and its matching white gloves! Creativity: 4. The mask-shirt-gloves combo shows this mau5 thinks big-picture. Total: 12 points. Mau5 5core: 3. Color Coordination: 5. (We're reviewing just the person on the left here.) When your mask matches your bikini top, you've done something right. Professionalism: 4. Right down to the screen color which matches the tone of the eyes. Creativity: 3. Good use of materials, but nothing we haven't seen before. Total: 12 points. Mau5 5core: 2. Color Coordination: 4. Smart choice of shirt color, even it's a bit casual. Professionalism: 4. The mosaic of glass making up the mau5head is truly a testament to his patience. Creativity: 5. Again, the colored glass on the head is just -- boss. Total: 13 points. Mau5 5core: 1. Color Coordination: 5. We reviewed her friend earlier, but the 100-percent coordination here is really stunning. Well done! Professionalism: 5. See above. Creativity: 5. Monochromatic schemes aren't most people's first choices. Total: 15 points. Mau5 5core:

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