3 Kings Tavern bathroom gets a metal makeover

Alright, so normally in Guess Where I'm Peeing, we make you do all the heavy lifting. We post a photo of a random restroom at a random venue and then sit back and wager with one another how long it's going to take for somebody to correctly identify the bathroom in question. It's usually 3.2 seconds (you people are sharp -- either that, or you spend an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom). For today's installment, however, we're just going to go ahead and tell you where we're peeing because this semi-legendary water closet has undergone a makeover recently, to the point where, if you haven't seen it in the past few weeks, you'd scarcely recognize it.

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This is the john at 3 Kings Tavern. Uh-huh. See what we're saying? Much bigger. No more waiting -- well, a shorter wait, anyway. First things first: Remember that shower curtain that separated you from god and everyone while you were, well, doing what you do in a bathroom? Yeah, gone. In it's place, a thick, sturdy metal door.

Wait, there's more. Remember the pair of urinals? Also gone. In their place, a metal trough (are you sensing a theme here?). Finally, remember that mysterious locked door next to the bathroom? Whatever was behind that door before now houses the expanded part of the restroom, with an industrial sink and another stall. Well done, Kings. Well done.

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