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Back in 2007, 3OH!3 hit on a potent formula by appropriating the snarl and swagger of crunk for the white suburban set. With 2008's Want, the band retained the swagger but angled its sound toward a type of electro-pop-punk expertly calibrated for mass appeal. Though Streets of Gold edges slightly back toward the crunk bombast of the band's original recordings, the album still manages to cheerfully peddle whatever shred of artistic integrity the band may or may not have ever had. If there's a trend, these dudes are on it, from the new-wave-throwback dance pop of Lady Gaga to the punching synth hits of Ludacris. Add that to sleazy nursery-rhyme couplets à la Ke$ha (with whom the band fittingly collaborates on "My First Kiss"), and you've got an equation that conveniently reduces to the lowest possible common denominator.

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