3OH!3 sells nearly 50K. Not everybody's stoked.

To date, 3OH!3 has reportedly sold 48,254 copies of Want, its Photo Finish Records debut, released this past July. While that may be music to the ears of local boosters, Jason Tate, the esteemed founder of AbsolutePunk.net, penned a thread on his site titled, "And to think of all the bands that didn't make it ...," wondering if anyone else was appalled as he was. The thread has garnered over three hundred replies so far, with responses ranging from "Fuck this band, and fuck the people who support them," to, "I'm not appalled. They toured their asses off and wrote two full length albums, they don't have any more of a cliched sound than innumerable pop-punk and indie bands that didn't make it. I'm actually happy the comments have not been entirely negative." -- Dave Herrera

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