3OH!3, the Roots, Eminem top sellers at local record stores

Streets of Gold, 3OH!3's new disc, which dropped last week on Photo Finish/Atlantic, grabbed the top spot at Twist & Shout, and claimed the top two slots (both deluxe and regular versions) at Albums on the Hill and snagged the third position at Independent Records for the week ending July 4. The Roots' Hot I Got Over and Eminem's Recovery, both issued two weeks ago, and Wolf Parade's Expo 86, released last week on Sub Pop, were also strong sellers. See the full breakdown after the jump.

Top Sellers 07.04.2010

Albums on the Hill

1. 3OH!3 - Streets of Gold (limited edition deluxe CD & DVD) 2. 3OH!3 - Streets of Gold 3. Eminem - Recovery 4. The Black Keys - Brothers 5. Wolf Parade - Expo 86 6. The Roots - How I Got Over 7. Jackie Greene - Till the Light Comes 8. Broken Bells - Broken Bells 9. Band of Horses - Infinite Arms 10. Madlib - Medicine Show No. 6: The Brain Wreck Show Independent Records

1. Eminem - Recovery 2. Drake - Thank Me Later 3. 3OH!3 - Streets of Gold 4. The Dream - Love King 5. The Roots - How I Got Over 6. Blaze - Gang Rags 7. Keith Sweat - Ridin' Solo 8. Usher - Raymond v. Raymond 9. Ozzy Osbourne - Scream 10. E-40 - Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift/Night Shift Twist & Shout

1. 3OH!3 - Streets of Gold 2. The Roots - How I Got Over 3. Wolf Parade - Expo 86 4. Scissor Sisters - Night Work 5. Alejandro Escovedo - Street Songs 6. Eminem - Recovery 7. The Black Keys - Brothers 8. Wovenhand - Threshingfloor 9. Jack Johnson - To the Sea 10. Tom Petty - Mojo

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