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50 Cent drops 50 pounds

Somehow, when we spoke with 50 Cent on the phone recently for this week's Rough Mixes entry, he neglected to mention anything about losing more than fifty pounds recently for an upcoming movie he's starring in called Things Fall Apart. Weird, you'd think that he'd mention something like that. It's not everyday, you know, that go from looking like the Incredible Hulk to being completely emaciated to the point where you're barely recognizable. A true character actor, 50 reportedly shed the LBs through what sounds like a punishing regime of walking on a treadmill for three-hours at a time and going on a liquid diet. In Things Fall Apart, 50's playing "a football player diagnosed with cancer," according to Catch 50 this Tuesday, June 1, at the Fillmore with Lloyd Banks.

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Dave Herrera
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