A bounty of free hard trance from Ghosh

If you like your trance hard, fast and as electronic as a robot's dreams, you are really going to like Ghosh. The Denver/Dubai based DJ is dedicated to a strain of driving, energetic trance that's indebted to the early days of European trance, when it represented the (barely) softer side of hard-faced Germans and aggressive techno. You'll still find some pretty melodies and the rare breakdown in his work, but it's not the kind of Tiesto cheese that most people think of when they hear the word trance.

Ghosh's radio show/podcast Alchemic Dose is a free, weekly showcase for his trancetastic talents. He's just released episode 26 of the show and it's a bounty of the kind of thundering beats and hard-edged electronics that this style of trance is known for. If you like it, you're in luck - the other 25 episodes, dating back to December of last year, are still available. That's a whole lot of free trance. Get to it.

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