A Colfax-themed comp featuring songs about the world's greatest avenue? Uh, yes, please!

It's amazing that somebody hasn't already thought of this: A Colfax-themed compilation filled with songs about...wait for it... Colfax. Leave it to local music man and ColfaxAvenue.com webmaster Jonny Barber to beat everybody to the punch. This gem (mastered by Bob Ferbrache) features tunes by Five Iron Frenzy ("Where Zero Meets Fifteen"), Snake Mountain ("Defend Colfax"), U.S. Pipe ("Hooker"), Charly "City Mouse" Fasano ("Heroes of Colfax Avenue") and more. Added bonus: The artwork (designed by Ian P. Gilchrist) on the front and back of the disc is fashioned like an old post card. While you may have some if not all of these tracks already, this comp is fully worth picking up as a local keepsake. Grab one for yourself at Twist & Shout and pick up another for your out of state friends. Continue on for full track list.

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