A first look at 3OH!3's "My First Kiss" video

In case you didn't see it yesterday when it premiered, here's the brand-new video for "My First Kiss" from those white-hot, can't-be-stopped hitmakers of 3OH!3. No big surprises here: A bunch of posturing from the dynamic duo in front of a giant gold hand sign, followed by some soft-core groping and a few notable cameos from Ke$ha (natch) and Skeet Skeet, Shwayze turntable technician. There are a bunch of other 3OH!3 related items -- a few articles and interviews -- we've come across in the past few days that we're going to post about later, but for now, enjoy "My First Kiss." (Our first kiss, in case you're curious, was from a pretty little gal in the fifth grade named...well, can't quite remember her name, but we're pretty sure it went a little like this...)

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