A first look at Audio Visual Violence Club's video for Snake Rattle Rattle Snake's "Like A Moth"

Audio Visual Violence Club have just released its interpretation of Snake Rattle Rattle Snake's "Like A Moth," from its debut full-length, Sineater. In traditional AVVC style, the video takes footage from older films -- in this case, George Kuchar's Hold Me While I'm Naked and Storm de Hirsch's Peyote Queen -- and manipulated the footage to fit its effect.

We've come to expect the assemblage and sampling technique from AVVC and utilizing footage from two psychedelic experimental films seems rather fitting both for them and Snake Rattle Rattle Snake -- the look fits the mood of the song in a lot of ways, especially the opening running sequence, which we can hardly imagine a better fit

The song itself is a bit of a slow cooker, too, which makes the bizarre imagery tossed in your face the whole time all the more appropriate. The sexual undertones throughout play well with Hayley Helmericks' lyrics, which, as far as we can tell are about cutout hearts, boys in the backyard, and kittens in the trash. And hey! There's a kitten in the video too, and it's juxtaposed with a creepy make-out scene.

As the song picks up a bit toward the end, the near-nudity does as well, which seems to do the song justice in its own little way. It's all a rather strange and mildly absurd experience.

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Thorin Klosowski
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