A first look at brand-new videos from Havok, Gangcharger and Lost Point

You know how we like our metal bands? That's right: Shirtless, bearded, with ten feet of hair that they whip in a helicopter-like fashion, looking something fierce overall, playing flying V's in fields of fire with random explosions happening all around them. That's how we like our metal bands!

Looks like somebody's been reading our mail, because that's exactly what the dudes from Havok have given us with the first video from their latest record, Time Is Up. The clip for the fittingly titled track "Covering Fire" was shot in Tyler, Texas and directed by Brian Jaynes. Catch Havok, who is getting ready to hit the road with Forbidden, Revocation and White Wizzard, on Wednesday, June 29, when the tour makes a stop at the Marquis Theater.

Westword Music Showcase nominee, Lost Point, a fellow local metal outfit with roughly 98 percent less facial hair and notably fewer locks, also has a new video out. This clip comes with much slicker editing, and cinematography that looks and seems tailor made for heavy rotation on Fuse, all of which serves to complement Lost Point's much more polished brand of metal core. From what we can tell, there's a vague storyline that strives to literall embodies the song's title, "Hollywood Girl," cribbing liberally from the by now hackneyed narrative: Small town girl leaves it all behind for the allure of the bright lights and big city of Tinsel Town. Killswitch Engage make your heart race? This one's for you. Catch Lost Point at the Westword Music Showcase on Saturday, June 18.

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The last video of the day, "All My Shirts Are Black," comes from Gangcharger, another Showcase nominee and a band that isn't even remotely metal in any sense of the word. This one has a completely non-linear, throwback flavor that reminds us of something you would've seen back in the day on 120 Minutes: some random, vintage television and seemingly found footage tweaked and looped until its barely recognizable intespersed with other random frames fed through any one of a hundred Photoshop filters, negative, colorized, saturation. Catch Gangcharger this Saturday, May 28, at the Meadowlark with Blue Million Miles and Le Divorce, and then again at the Showcase on Saturday, June 18.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.