A first look at Drive-In Massacre's new video

And the hits keeping coming for local scene. Earlier this week, we posted the new video from Skyline Surrender, and now we present you with the new video from Drive-In Massacre, which just finished recording its new album, Upon Forgetful Seas, with Dave Otero at his Flatline Audio studio. Like Skyline Surrender's video and the others that we've seen recently, the burgeoning videographers who worked on this (Andy from Alpine Studios in Woodland Park) have clearly got the quality aspect down with the slow-mo intro, the jump cuts and close ups. Now if we can get the guys to craft some sort of linear storyline to complement things, we'll be truly on to something. As cool as it is to see the sillouttes of dudes rocking out, backlit with spots, that can only hold our attention for so long. Just sayin'. Catch Drive-In Massacre at the hi-dive on Monday, October 26.


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