Mansbestfriend Volume 5">

A first look at "The Deadliest Game," the lead video from Sole's Mansbestfriend Volume 5

Sole has been very hard to ignore recently. He's been releasing tons of content in a variety of formats for free or cheap as he's preparing for his next album in the Mansbestfriend series (due May 15), as well as a new release from Sole and the Skyrider Band (Hello Cruel World due July 19). His latest video is enough out of Sole's usual territory we figured it's worth a look.

Most people familiar with Sole's history know he's a bit of a geek, but the majority of his most recent work has been hyper-political and incredibly serious, meaning many might not be privy to his nerdier undertones. Enter his newest track, "The Deadliest Game," which is closer in line with nerdcore than, well, most nerdcore is.

The track cuts through a ton of references from different sides of the nerd spectrum, but the biggest chunk comes in the form of video games. Here's a list of what Sole's been playing, at least from what we can tell:

Starcraft II EVE Online Sim City Word of Warcraft Final Fantasy Alien vs. Predator Mass Effect Fallout 3

We're also pretty certain it's looping the theme from Carl Sagan's Cosmos in the background, but we're not entirely certain on that one. Just to make sure you fully understand the level of geek at work here, the video was created entirely in Eve Online. Have a look.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.