A first look at the Fresh Breath Committee's new video for "The Dawn" featuring Andy Guerrero

Dudes in Denver are seriously stepping up their game. Just peeped the new video from the Fresh Breath Committee, and let's just say these cats aren't playing. Directed by Matt Hobbs of Vital Films, the video literally embodies the title, "The Dawn," with footage of Crystal belting in the foothills in front of a sunrise backdrop (we presume it's sunrise -- though given the location, which appears to Lookout Mountain, it be it could actually be sunset), and metaphorically, with an infective hook that brazenly declares, "After today, the game will never be the same."

Elsewhere in the clip, interspersed with footage of the Committee members backed by a live band, trading verses with each other and sharing face time, Andy Guerrero from Flobots and Bop Skizzum turns in his best Carlos Santana homage, both with the shots of him riffing in an alley, as well as the actual riffs he's playing.

Like other videos we've seen recently from the Food Chain, The Pirate Signal, as well as older Eric Heights-directed clips from Prime Element and ManeRok, among others, the cinematography is notably above average. As for the track itself, the individual sections pound, but as a whole, the segue from verse to chorus back to verse, which are tied together with Guerrero's guitar line and Crystal's hook, could use just a little more continuity. At times, the sections seem like different songs in tone and texture and Guerrero's main guitar line is slightly distracting. Dope effort, nonetheless. And definitely a good look for Denver hip-hop.

Catch the Fresh Breath Committee next Saturday, May 21 at the Adams County Fairgrounds for the Bully Beatdown event and car show with Spoke In Wordz (970-618-3720).

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.