A Kid Hum/Spoke-In-Wordz collaboration in the works.

Kid Hum may be still getting lots of love for his Fossil Fuels instrumental project and its sequel, Offshore Drilling, which featured emcees over his instrumentals, but he's still moving forward. This week Hum announced a new project, a compilation album called Wrighterz Block, which he is approaching a bit differently than previous projects.

"The album was conceived by my friend Spoke-In-Wordz, who put together 'Right Now' for the compilation," Hum explains. "This album and its name were his concept, and I thought it sounded like a dope idea and here we are. Basically I have a bunch of songs lying around that don't really have a home and some new exclusive material, which will be released on Wrighterz Block. The album itself is going to be all Colorado Rappers rapping over some of my newest beats, which I am going to be making using Logic and a Midi Controller Keyboard, instead of my usual MPC 1000 and records."

A release date for the album and a complete list of guests have yet to be announced, but you can listen to "Right Now" and download it after the jump.

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