Act So Big Forest comes to the Meadowlark for February residency

The largest musical collective in Fort Collins will be coming to Denver for a trio of shows in February. Act So Big Forest becomes the second group to curate a residency series at the Meadowlark after Hot Congress did it in November.

Meadowlark talent buyer and Denver Syntax editor Jonathan Bitz has long felt Fort Collins' music scene was underrepresented in Denver. "I have been, for some time, wanting to create a solid bridge between the Queen City and the its princess at the Cache La Poudre," he says. "Act So Big Forest was the obvious construction crew to get that done: Jonathan Alonzo books a lot of acts up there."

"The bands in the collective certainly see Denver as the most active market. Denver is where amazing shows like Nick Jaina and Low and Elf Power and Azure Ray come thru," says Alonzo. "These shows need openers, and these shows are an opportunity of networking. I'd say that this is a huge goal for any band trying to take music to the road."

The residency will consist of three shows on the first, third and fourth Thursdays in February. The lineups include well-established ASBF bands like Paean and Sour Boy, Bitter Girl as well as some newer acts. Given the steller track record of these guys, we're sure all three shows will be well worth the price of admission.

The collective has been busy lately, putting out a Christmas comp and, before that, their first ever showcase compilation. It's called TRITON and you can download it here. A follow-up is scheduled for late March.

The full lineups for the residency:

February 3 Sour Boy, Bitter Girl Sam!! Well, Hell... Brett Brady Eliza Boote The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact

February 17 Thrifty Astronaut Otem Rellik Galaxies

February 24 Fellow Citizens Paean Common Anomaly Spires

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