Action!: Festivus Film Fest Begins Tonight

In case you're as sick of hearing about Avatar as we are, this weekend's Festivus Film Festival should offer some cinematic solace.

Forget IMAX and goofy yellow glasses because Festivus is bringing some of the most awkward, horrifying, confusing and riveting films independent filmmakers have to offer. Must see list include a mockumentary about the history of the mustache (eat your heart out hipsters), a doc about the kick ass lives of five Nicaraguan surfers, and more shorts than you'll spy at the flea market in July. As if that's not enticing enough, there will be twelve world premiers too (oh the glamor of it all)!

And since there's nothing better than grabbing a cold one after sitting in the dark glued to a screen for countless hours, there's an after party every night to provide ample post-show schmoozing. Oh, and did we mention that The Knew are playing Friday's after party at The Oriental Theater? Isn't that just the hot butter on the top of this bucket o' popcorn!

3rd Annual Festivus Film Festival The Bug & The Oriental Theaters Thursday, January 14 - Sunday, January 17 Schedule, Tickets and Details at Festivus Film Festival,

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