Reader: Queen + Adam Lambert "Blew My Mind"

Queen + Adam Lambert performed at Pepsi Center, on July 6, 2017.
Queen + Adam Lambert performed at Pepsi Center, on July 6, 2017. Miles Chrisinger
Westword's Kyle Harris reviewed the Queen concert on July 6, discussing the differences between original frontman Freddie Mercury and current lead singer Adam Lambert. Harris wrote:
When I think about what Queen once had — and what it was missing when it played in Denver — it’s not Mercury’s ability to sing or his flamboyance, neither of which Lambert lacks. Queen's missing the struggle Mercury wore on his face, that awkward, proud look born from the grit it took to live an open, queer life in a culture that wanted to destroy men who loved men.
In response, readers have taken to Twitter and Facebook, blasting Harris for minimizing the struggle that Lambert went through as a gay man and celebrating both guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor's performances, as well as Lambert's. Katrina writes:
I was brought to tears when Brian May sang "Love of my Life." It was magical. I was not familiar with Adam Lambert prior to the show. However, I have been a Queen fan for decades. Adam sang beautifully and was VERY entertaining. He blew me away with his strong and glorious voice. Roger Taylor and Brian May were amazing. It was an incredible show. You would never have known that from this review. It's like you did not even go to the show! I'm pretty sure that Adam Lambert (like Freddie) has faced his own battles. Hate still exists in 2017. Sadly, we have not progressed that much. He was humble and grateful to be performing with May and Taylor. I loved them together.
And Stephanie says:
Watching Brian May and Roger Taylor would have likely made the entire show worthwhile (even if a person disliked Lambert). Those two were utterly phenomenal.

I, personally, loved Lambert. His performance was not trying to replace Mercury but honored it. And his vocals (especially during "Who Wants to Live Forever?") blew my mind.
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