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Agnostic Front

Agnostic Front is a bellwether of New York hardcore. The band's seminal 1984 full-length debut, Victim in Pain, assailed injustice, conformity and society's norms, raging through eleven paeans to alienation in fifteen minutes. Celebrating three decades on this tour, the band has gone through numerous members and weathered myriad ups and downs, including frontman Roger Miret's incarceration in the early '90s on a drug-related charge. Within a year of Miret's release, the group called it quits, only to re-form four years later, in 1996, excising any metal influences and returning to its original high-throttle hardcore attack. Though there's nothing particularly sophisticated about the act's sound, it's consistently delivered with the same spirit and fervor that helped establish Agnostic Front as one of the preeminent exemplars of old-school East Coast hardcore.

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