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All the albums we could find in one afternoon from Denver's Bandcamp pages in one place

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Bandcamp is gaining quite a bit of traction here lately with Colorado bands. It has (thankfully) begun to replace MySpace as a primary outlet for bands to network, distribute music and sell albums without the hassle of setting up their own website.

If you have all kinds of time on your hands, you can search endlessly through the website on your own -- or you can let us do all the heavy lifting. We recently spent the better part of an afternoon finding as many pages as we could from local bands and then spent the remainder of the afternoon handily organizing and embedding the individual players for you to peruse all at once, in one place. Don't mention it. We're good like that.

One thing we noticed: There appears to be a fair number of bands that don't seem to play a lot of shows and instead spend their time sitting around recording music. We know we're missing a ton of groups, seeing as how Denver has something like a gazillion and bands. The oversights aren't intentional, we assure you. In fact, if we happened to miss something noteworthy, feel free to point us in the right direction by pasting a link and a short description below.


Andy Ard - What She Did Andy Ard makes bar-room rock -- the types of songs you'd expect to hear in a place with a Harley parked outside and a jukebox full of classic rock. A bunch of his releases are pay-what-you-want, so wander around to find more. <a href="http://andyard.bandcamp.com/album/what-she-did">What She Did by Andy Ard</a>

Bad Weather California - Live Jammers EP Bad Weather California has been around long enough that you should know what to expect here, but in case you've missed them: indie-Western pop. <a href="http://badweathercalifornia.bandcamp.com/album/live-jammers-ep">LIVE JAMMERS EP by Bad Weather California</a>

Bedsit Infamy - Lungs, My Heart. Blood, My Stomach Indie pop filtered through the Cure, with a layer of melancholy that sits on top of pop beats. <a href="http://thebedsitinfamy.bandcamp.com/album/lungs-my-heart-blood-my-stomach">Lungs, My Heart. Blood, My Stomach. by The Bedsit Infamy</a>

Buffalo Supernova - Buffalo Supernova One sad bastard playing all the instruments renders indie-rock results. <a href="http://buffalosupernova.bandcamp.com/album/buffalo-supernova">Buffalo Supernova by Buffalo Supernova</a>

Fulcrum - Quack! This album was recorded at the Blasting Room -- which should give you a pretty good idea of the sound to expect: fast pop music that closely resembles pop punk but doesn't actually cross the line. <a href="http://fulcrum-music.com/album/quack">Quack! by FULCRUM</a>

Goodbye Timebomb - This May Break Your Heart Clearly a lot of pop-punk influence is keeping Goodbye Timebomb ticking -- and with vocals that sound strikingly similar to Jello Biafra, it's no surprise. You'll know you're in Denver when you hear lyrics like "Late night, drinking at the hi-dive." <a href="http://goodbyetimebomb.bandcamp.com/album/this-may-break-your-heart">This May Break Your Heart... by Goodbye Timebomb</a>

I Am the Dot - Winter EP Denver sure does love its pianos and singing boys. That's exactly what you'll find on this free EP released early this year. <a href="http://iamthedot.bandcamp.com/album/winter-ep">Winter EP by I Am The Dot</a>

Irene's March Yarina The only tag the band used for this release that makes a lick of sense is "noise rock." Think loud guitars, buried vocals and a slight penchant for pop. <a href="http://irenesmarch.bandcamp.com/album/yarina">yarina by irene's march</a>

lightlooms - lightlooms You know that singing style that gals use when they actually know how to sing? Okay, put that with a guitar, piano and pedal-steel, and you get lightlooms. <a href="http://lightlooms.bandcamp.com/album/lightlooms">lightlooms by lightlooms</a>

Joshua Novak - Dead Letters We mentioned that Denver loves its boys with guitars and pianos, right? <a href="http://joshuanovak.bandcamp.com/album/dead-letters">DEAD LETTERS by Joshua Novak</a>

Pan Astral - Pan Astral If we say Pan Astral sounds a bit like what might happen if you filtered Peter Gabriel through Daft Punk, would that make any sense? Anyway, that's what it sounds like to us. <a href="http://panastral.bandcamp.com/album/pan-astral">Pan Astral by Pan Astral</a>

Olivia Rudeen Until Now EP Olivia Rudeen makes upbeat Americana: Just picture the Dixie Chicks playing at a Nederland backyard BBQ. <a href="http://oliviarudeen.bandcamp.com/album/until-now-ep">Until Now - EP by Olivia Rudeen</a>

Sandusky - The Settled Dust That Rose Sandusky capture the uniquely Colorado sound of cowboy-electro-shoegaze, or bootgazing, as they call it. In line with the likes of George and Caplin and Wentworth Kersey, this is one of Colorado's distinctive sounds. <a href="http://sandusky.bandcamp.com/album/the-settled-dust-that-rose">The Settled Dust That Rose by Sandusky</a>

St. Elias - Altered Beast Despite the album title, this has nothing to do with the Genesis video game -- at least we don't think so. What it does have to do with is some space-rocking jams. <a href="http://stelias.bandcamp.com/album/altered-beast">Altered Beast by St. Elias</a>


The Ancient Tapes - From Nothing, Out of Silence There's a whole collection of stuff from the Ancient Tapes up for free here -- and if you're a fan of, ahem, ambient-electronic, you'll find a wealth of content. <a href="http://ancienttapes.bandcamp.com/album/from-nothing-out-of-silence">From Nothing, Out of Silence by The Ancient Tapes</a>

Disco64 - The First Estate The name should probably clue you into the sound, but just in case you're denser than Snookie: It's Disco. Electro-disco, to be specific, which is where the 64 comes in, we suppose. We were hoping for Nintendo 64 sounds, but we're happy to do a little dancing, too. <a href="http://disco64.bandcamp.com/album/the-first-estate">The First Estate by Disco64</a>

Foam Bee - You Are the Lucky One Originally recorded in 1998, You Are the Lucky One is a lovingly crafted ambient album. It has hints of the likes of Boards of Canada and Brian Eno -- making it a minimalist pleasure center. It's also worth checking out the other releases from the same artist, many of which are pay-what-you-want or free. <a href="http://theacrecollective.bandcamp.com/album/you-are-the-lucky-one">You Are The Lucky One by The Acre Collective</a>

Jared - Unseen We're starting to notice that Denver has a lot of ambient-electronic acts hidden in the recesses of the Internet. Jared is another one -- with a dark, almost industrial sound pulsing along at a low BPM. <a href="http://music.jaredtunes.com/album/unseen">Unseen by jared</a>

Signal Path - clash Signal Path makes electronic music with some jazzy riffs, glimpses of indie sensibilities and deep, deep lows. Think Ninjatune style and you'll be on the right track. <a href="http://clash.signalpathmusic.com/album/c-l-a-s-h">c l a s h by Signal Path</a>

Spirit Guide - Underneath the Cracked Horizon More ambient tunes, but Spirit Guide lines up more closely with indie than it does with electronic most of time, sounding closer to something like Bibio. <a href="http://spiritguidemusic.com/album/underneath-a-cracked-horizon-ep">Underneath a Cracked Horizon - EP by Spirit Guide..</a>


Skizzaz - SkullCrack A nice collection of some absolutely funky beats. We have to say we were expecting something a bit more comical with this, but were pleasantly surprised. <a href="http://skizzaz.bandcamp.com/album/skullcrack">SkullCrack by Skizzaz</a>

Tayke One - Spoken Words We've noticed far too few of Denver's hip-hop groups aren't latching onto the free or name-your-price models. Tayke One takes to the free route, and in turn, you get some minimalist hip-hop with quiet vocals and beats. <a href="http://taykeone.bandcamp.com/album/spoken-words">Spoken Words by Tayke One</a>

B. Serious - Serious Business Volume 2 B. Serious is big-sounding -- really big-sounding. It might just be a bunch of studio techniques, but this is as handsome as any major-label rap release. <a href="http://bserious.bandcamp.com/album/serious-business-volume-two">Serious Business Volume Two by B. Serious</a>

QKnox - Meet Mr. Q QKnox can best be described as ambient-instrumental hip-hop with a taste for funk and a little jazz. <a href="http://qknoxbeats.bandcamp.com/album/meet-mr-q">Meet Mr. Q by Qknox</a>

Sir Vaant the Silensa - Guetto Livin Well, they tag themselves as crunk -- we still have no idea what that really means -- but we'll just go with that. Crunk. <a href="http://thesilensa.bandcamp.com/album/guetto-livin">Guetto Livin by Sir Vaant The Silensa</a>


[formalscience] - Here and There... Denver used to be home to millions of funky noise acts, but that number has seemed to dissipate a bit over time. In any event, here's some creepy lo-fi noise for your morning drive to Hell Island. <a href="http://formalscience.bandcamp.com/album/here-and-there">Here And There... by [formalscience]</a>

Ken K - Maiden Voyage Pt 2 This is actually described rather well on the album's page: "it is a nice background listen for just about anything." There you have it. <a href="http://kenk.bandcamp.com/album/maiden-voyage-pt-2">Maiden Voyage Pt 2 by Ken K</a>

Siamese Royalty - Siamese Royalty What happens when two dudes who love metal get together and make an electronic-grind record with just guitars and computers? Well, Siamese Royalty happens. Don't say we didn't warn you. <a href="http://siameseroyalty.bandcamp.com/album/siamese-royalty-ep">Siamese Royalty EP by Siamese Royalty</a>

Sherman to the Fucking Sea - No Sleep 'til Buffalo If the band name doesn't clue you in, this is metal. Grimy, yelly, old-school Victory Records-style metal. <a href="http://shermantothefuckingsea.bandcamp.com/album/no-sleep-til-buffalo">No Sleep 'til Buffalo by Sherman to the Fucking Sea</a>

In Favor of Eliza - Dreams How often are you afforded the opportunity to hear songs that have ukulele and Moog at the same time? Not often. Now, how many times have you heard those two in combination with children's songs? Never, that's when. Until now, that is. <a href="http://infavorofeliza.bandcamp.com/album/dreams">Dreams by In Favor Of Eliza</a>

Ratfuck - Breakfast! Ratfuck is punk, or crust, or hardcore -- it just depends on who you talk to. We can't understand what they're screaming about, but considering the album title, we can only assume it's Cocoa Puffs. <a href="http://ratfuck.bandcamp.com/album/breakfast">Breakfast! by Ratfuck.</a>

Sense From Nonsense - An Experiment in Mischmasch Totally whacked-out non-grooves, chaos -- but it all has a sense about it that makes us think it's supposed to make sense. <a href="http://sensefromnonsense.bandcamp.com/album/an-experiment-in-mischmasch">An Experiment In Mischmasch by Sense From Nonsense</a>

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.