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All They Want to Do Is Dance

Our dad thinks he knows all about 'N Sync, but he's wrong. 'N Sync is the best. If you like 'N Sync, you should listen to us. And if you don't know 'N Sync, you should listen to us, too.

These are the songs on their new album:

"Bye Bye Bye": We really like this song. We like how they put the bye bye byes in it and how they sing. It's about this girl who's being a jerk, because if the boy tries to stop the fights, the girl doesn't let him. They aren't supposed to see each other again, because they're divorced. So that's why she's being a jerk. It has a really good beat to it, and we like how they dance to it in the video. They dance, and they have the music back there, and they sing really good.

"It's Gonna Be Me": This is a good song, too. It's about how this boy is worried that it's gonna be some other boy instead of him. He's not being whiny. Nope, nope, nope. It's just that every little thing he does for the girl never seems enough for her. And he's telling her, it ain't no lie, it's gotta be him. So the girl's being a jerk again. We like the music.

"Space Cowboy (Yippee-Yi-Yay)": This is the best song on the whole album! It's really fast, and it's cool. We like it because it has three parts in it. We like the rap in the middle with the girl, because she says "'N Sync" in it. Like in that first song they have, that "don't be scared" song. That one says "'N Sync" in it, and so does this one. We like how they put a whole lot of space noises in it and how it's really easy to remember, because some of the songs on the album are hard to remember. This is our favorite!

"Just Got Paid": We like this song and how they say "just got paid" in it. It's about how this boy just got paid on Friday night and he's glad he just got paid because he can hang out with his friends and do some cool stuff. It isn't really fast and it isn't really slow; it's in the middle. There aren't any girls who are jerks in it.

"It Makes Me Ill": This one isn't one of our favorites. It's really hard to remember. It's about how the boy is ill because he broke up with his girlfriend, and he tried to stop the problem, but the girl was being a jerk again. The boys try to stop the problems, but the girls are jerks, because they never try to stop the problems. The girls are always jerks and the boys aren't jerks, because they're 'N Sync.

"This I Promise You": Eeeyew. This is definitely not our favorite song. You can barely dance to it because it's so slow. We like it when they go fast -- like, "Take a ride, take a space ride, with the cowboy." Our dad calls this a sapball song, but it's not a sapball song. 'N Sync is good, so it's not sapball -- it's just a little bit slow. Come on!

"No Strings Attached": This one's better, because you can dance to it. Like in the song before, you had to dance so slow, but this one you can dance to fast. It's about a string being attached to something else, and our favorite boy is the one who's singing it. We don't know which one he is -- we forget his name -- but he's cute.

"Digital Get Down": We like how this one is fast. We don't really know what it's about, but it's good. Totally. It's one of our favorites. I wish they'd put our favorites in a straight row. Want to dance, honey?

"Bringin' Da Noise": Oh, my gosh -- this is one of our favorites, too. It's fast and they sing really good. This one is about bringing most of the noise to them. They want the noise so they can have parties and have a dance with girls. It makes sense that they're always talking about girls, because usually boy singers talk about girls the most, and girl singers talk about boys the most.

"That's When I'll Stop Loving You": This isn't one of our favorites. It's just that it's so slow, but you can still dance a little fast to it if you want to.

"I'll Be Good for You": This is too slow, too, but they sing it good. This time the girl isn't being a jerk. Girls think the boys are cute, because they are. And they have good singing voices.

"I Thought She Knew": This goes too slow, too. We wish they had a fast song at the end instead of a slow one. But it's not a bad album because they didn't put a fast song at the end. No way. It's a great album. It's the best album we've ever heard. Well, not the best, but it's a good album. People who read this should buy it.

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