Allegaeon introduces the rest of the country to its heady brand of Colorado metal

Lest the rest of the country think we're merely home to indie rock goodness like Candy Claws and sugary sweet electro-pop confections like 3OH!3 or Breathe Carolina, Allegaeon's new album, Fragments of Form & Function, issued two weeks ago on the storied Metal Blade Records imprint, should help dispel any such unfounded notions.

Of course, as the true metal heads are gradually discovering, the Centennial State produces quadruple its body weight in compelling metal annually: Cephalic Carnage, Enemy Reign, Cobalt, Havok, Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, Adai, To Be Eaten, TAUNTAUN, Immortal Dominion -- and, trust us, that's a very short list. Frankly, you could populate a small town on the Western Slope with the sheer number of choice exports in this town.

And the thing a good number of these acts have in common? Flatline Audio's Dave Otero. Dude's one of the metal world's most well regarded producers/engineers. So it's a safe bet that once folks see his name attached to Allegaeon's new album and spy Metal Blade's iconic logo on the tray card, they'll be sold on this Fort Collins-based outfit before they even hear a single note.

Now imagine their utter exuberance upon actually hearing the album. There's a good chance they'll feel like the dude on the cover looks after listening. Heavens to mergatroit, these dudes are absolutely freaking brutal.

From the blast beats to intricate, head-swelling fret work, there's plenty to love about Allagaeon's brand of mind-blowing metal, including the lyrics, which deal with such lighthearted cocktail party conversational topics as "cryonics, stem cell research, evolution, pharmaceutical structure." Heady metal indeed.

Catch Allegaeon on Thursday, August 26, at the Marquis Theater with CROW, Cattleist and Saved By Ruin.

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Dave Herrera
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