Alphabets release party's like it's 1985

You know what was awesome about 1985? It marked the first year we ever saw a Garbage Pail Kids trading card, which helped spawn an era of disgusting children's toys. From Madballs to Ren and Stimpy, kids in the '80s and '90s had plenty of gross stuff to choose from. This sort of inadvertently "extreme" art adorned our shirts, our punk-rock fliers and our sketchbooks. Now it's 2011, and it's on our fliers again.

For the most part, we don't tend to have many fond memories of the '80s, but the quirky art certainly sits high in our memories. It's this fact that caused us to laugh and cringe at the same time when we saw the flier for the Alphabets, Hideous Men, MMCIII and Mystic Bummer show at Rhinoceropolis.

It's no secret: Kids these days are digging deep into the cultural artifacts of the past, and, for whatever reason, the '80s have proven to be a popular choice. Still, most people have taken that to mean they can get away with poorly created 8-bit flyers, bad MS Paint drawings or, worse, ridiculous amounts of neon. Thankfully, artist Ryan Riss skipped the worst parts and dove straight into the grotesque, weird line drawings we love so much.

Bonus points go along with the fact that he managed to include the text in an understandable way as well, as it's easy to lose sight of the details when you have the inexplicably awesome image to work with. We're not totally certain if the bulging-eyes man is eating a pizza with the text scribbled on it or if he's barfing it all out, but honestly, we don't care. It's awesome enough as it is.

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