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American Relay breaks up, final show this Saturday night

Damn it! What a punch in the gut. Seriously. If this isn't a sucker punch, we don't know what is. Earlier this afternoon, one of Denver's more visceral live acts, American Relay -- the subject of this week's Critic's Choice -- announced its split. The soul-drenched, positively combustible duo comprised of Nick Sullivan and Alex Hebert will be playing its final show in the Mile High City this Saturday night at 3 Kings Tavern and releasing the followup to its excellent 2007 debut, Corn & Oil. The "soul and vitality" is no longer in plentiful supply, the band reports. Read the full blog entry from the band's MySpace page after the jump.

The Death of American Relay
American Relay 2004-2009

It has come that time dear friends and family that American Relay is to be no more.  With over 248 shows, some 40,000 miles driven, and dozens of empty maker mark bottles under our belts the only thing that is essential to this band, soul and vitality, is not in plentiful supply anymore. We consider what we do to be roots based soul music, centered in the most primal of places where there the energy is ancient and pure, simple and potent.  If and when parts to the whole of American Relay are not in a place to be 100% behind the music then to continue on would be an exercise in futility and disingenuousness.

Thanks to all; friends; family; promoters; and venues; who have made American Relay's five year journey an unforgettable part of our lives . Your support  has made many a great times at home and on tour possible. Much personal, musical, and professional growth has transpired over this time, all all this will inevitably lead to more great things to come. The end of this journey has opened many new paths, and the beginning of new adventures.

Pygmy Mountain Music, the small, grass-roots music support company we founded in 2007, will survive on, and continue the cause of advancing real, primal and honest music both local and beyond.

On Saturday June 20th, we will celebrate our last Denver show at our beloved 3 Kings Tavern and hope that you good people who have shared your support with us over the years will be able to come out and join us.  Our last official performance will be at the Deep Blues Festival in Minneapolis, MN on July 17th where we will be honored to play with the finest blues artists from across the globe (

Once again, thanks to all of our friends and family who have shared many a sweaty night with us and we look forward to the future of which American Relay will always be a part of.

-Nick and Al

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