An Avalanche of old tunes

On Sunday night we had the chance to watch the Colorado Avalanche get pummeled by the visiting New York Rangers. While we should have been paying more attention to the game, we couldn't help our ears being caught in familiar sounds. The music selections -- and there were many -- were just awful.

Before we get started we did want to make one special note. The organ player at Sunday's game was showing off like we've never heard an organ player do before. It made the game feel like an old fashioned, nice hockey experience. Then we got the Chickenfoot.

Going through the entire list of tracks played we found one thing in common with all of them, overplayed and underutilized. We got Weezer's "Buddy Holly," Pearl Jam's "Even Flow (conveniently while both teams had a man in the penalty box)," that stupid "Click Click Boom" song amongst many, many others. We even got the obligatory "Requiem for A Tower Mvt IV" during a montage on the big screen, one of the most overused modern compositions in all facets of our culture, from hockey games to movie trailers.

There was a moment of wit during the crowd interaction portion, when, given the opportunity to pick a song, we were offered Frank Sinatra's "New York," The Beastie Boys "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" and Kiss' "New York Groove." We chose the Beastie Boys.

These were the songs that really stood out for us -- the ones that seemed well thought out and utilized for certain purposes during the game. Unfortunately there were more instance of the random sports-pot of songs like Prodigy's "Firestarter" or the theme song from the Mortal Kombat movie than there were carefully chosen tracks. We heard more Kid Rock and Bush then we did ten years ago and were exposed to a few newer sounding punk songs.

We're not going to hockey games to hear new music of course, but we might enjoy not hearing the same song everytime. We'll admit that deejaying ten-second snippets during the 41 home games isn't a simple task, but when we only go to a game once every couple years it might be nice to hear more well thought out and planned tracks.

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