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Announcing the Bluebird District Music Festival

East Colfax has become one of Denver's most vibrant music neighborhoods, and this summer, it will be home to a music festival. Called the Bluebird District Music Festival, it will take place from July 10 to 12 at Bluebird Theater, Goosetown Tavern, Park House, Lost Lake and Southside Bar and Kitchen. 

We don't know too much else at this point, but we'll let you know about things like the lineup and tickets as soon as we get the word, although the group behind this fest is also considering other installments in art-centric neighborhoods including RiNo. In the mean time, a spokesman for the event has this press release: 

The Bluebird District Music Festival is going to be a celebration of one of Denver's most vibrant music districts along East Colfax. Playing host to the inaugural year’s festival will be the Bluebird Theater, Southside Bar Kitchen, Goosetown Tavern, Park House, Park House Outdoor Stage and the Lost Lake Lounge. As a community-focused event, The Bluebird District Music Festival (or BDMF) aims to shine a light on the bands, community, venues and restaurants along East Colfax and make the area an entertainment destination year-round.

The music festival will take place over a course of three days, with over eighty bands slated to perform in at least five venues from Friday to Sunday. A single ticket will allow entry into all venues. Tipping its hat to the neighborhood, the festival plans to incorporate the popular Tasty Colfax restaurant crawl on Thursday, July 9th as a culinary-crafted kickoff to the weekend.

In the past five years The Bluebird District has seen tremendous economic growth with a number of new venues opening up in additional to the established performance spaces like the Bluebird Theatre - reinvigorating one of the most celebrated stretches of the storied East Colfax avenue. In its inaugural year, The Bluebird District Music Festival will invite some of Denver's incredible diverse selection of bands and artists to showcase on these diverse stages in the vibrant east Colfax corridor.

Bluebird District Music Festival 2015
Thursday July 9:
Tasty Colfax Kickoff.
Friday, July 10 - Sunday July 12: Bluebird District Music Festival

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