As thriving as South Broadway is today, it wasn't always that way -- the Mayan was almost razed

These days, South Broadway is a thriving nightlife district that has undergone a cavalcade of changes in the past few years. As much of a makeover as the strip has had, though, not everybody's stoked with the changes. If you've logged on to Facebook, you've no doubt seen posts from some people expressing their displeasure, or if you've been to the area recently, you might've seen how some have taken an even more direct approach to making their point (see the "Keep Lodo Off Broadway" stickers hanging around the Baker neighborhood).

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Some folks are clearly put off by the changes to the nightlife landscape on South Broadway, while others merely see it as an inevitable progression. Either way, it's been a hot topic of conversation, often polarizing and certainly emotionally-charged. Hard to believe that once upon a time not all that long ago, this sort of discussion would've been moot.

While it's hard to picture now, especially seeing how bustling the strip is these days, during the Reagan era, this part of town was much less traveled. Take the Mayan Theatre, for instance, which is now, of course, a shinning beacon of South Broadway; there was a point when it was inexplicably in danger of being torn down. It's hard to even believe this was even a consideration, much less a possibility. Alas, though, it was. We just came across this vintage news clip from that era talking about it that someone just posted on YouTube. Talk about taking a step back in time.

Revitalization clearly saved this landmark, and you have to wonder if, in turn, its revival helped energize and revitalize the businesses around it. If so, what effect do you think the current changes will have on the future of South Broadway? Where do you see it heading? In a good direction or bad -- or is really not quite that simple? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.