Concert Reviews

Asher Roth at Cervantes', 11/14/12


The key word for the Asher Roth show was "community." In fact, it's almost like it wasn't the Asher Roth show at all. When he wasn't off the stage, deep into the frenzied crowd, the crowd was up on the stage with him, dancing in the forefront with him rapping casually behind them. He interacted fully, forming a constant and genuine connection. He implored everyone to get active (one fan yelled, "We're too high!" which Asher thought was hilarious). He smoked their joints and took shots with them, which sounds like fun, but these small acts of acknowledgement go a long way with a big-name rapper. He also made a habit of taking the phone of people filming to give them a temporary, personal close-up before handing it back.

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Noah Hubbell