No less than three Westword Music Showcase nominess came together to bring you today's free mp3 goodness. It's a remix of the Astra Moveo (nominated in Electro/Dance Punk) track "Dollface" put together by Adam Rojo of the Ideal Fathers (nominated in Post Punk) and Matt Campbell (aka DJ Soup, nominated in DJ Non-Traditional). That's a whole lot of great tastes that taste great together -- kind of like peanut butter and chocalate and bourbon -- and they manage to ratchet up the intensity on Astra Moveo's mid-tempo charmer to just this side of frantic while punching up the synths to the gnarly setting. It's fun, it's free and you can find it right after the jump.

Astra Moveo gets remix treatment from Ideal Fathers

Download Ideal Fathers remix of Astra Moveo's "Dollface."

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