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Audiophile: Music From Westword Music Showcase 2007 Nominees

Each clip is between 20-30 seconds in length


Machine Gun Blues The Omens Rose Hill Drive The Swayback Tarmints


Meese Savage Henry Single File Tifah The Trampolines

Indie Rock

Born in the Flood Bright Channel Cat-A-Tac Lion Sized The Photo Atlas

Indie Pop

Cowboy Curse Everything Absent or Distorted Hot IQs The Laylights Nathan & Stephen


Ian Cooke Roger Green Melissa Ivey Gregory Alan Isakov Zack Nichols Joshua Novak Rachael Pollard Nathaniel Rateliff (the Wheel) Erin Roberts (Porlolo) Angie Stevens

Metal/Hard Rock

Black Lamb The Brotherhood of Dae Han Cephalic Carnage Ion Kingdom of Magic


Fear Before the March of Flames King Rat Love Me Destroyer Planes Mistaken for Stars Vaux


3Oh!3 Dent Distrakt Maneline The Pirate Signal

Country/Alt Country

Buckwild Buckskin Stallion Drag the River The Hollyfelds Ten Cent Redemption


Ghost Buffalo Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots Red Cloud West Slim Cessna's Auto Club Woven Hand


9th & Lincoln Orchestra Bottessini Project Convergence Greg Harris Vibe Quintet Ron Miles Quartet


Erica Brown Band Bluesman Willie Houston and the Blues Prowlers Otis Taylor Reverend Deadeye Tempa and the Tantrums


Bop Skizzum Flobots Future Jazz Project Something Underground U.S. Pipe and the Balls Johnson Dance Machine


12 Cents for Marvin Judge Roughneck The Haggardies Lion Soul Jahs P-Nuckle


Boulder Acoustic Society Oakhurst Sweet Sunny South Pete Wernick Uncle Earl


Electric Side Dish Two Ton Moxie Wasabi WhiteWater Ramble Zebra Junction


Constellations Nightshark Novasak Page 27 Picture Plane


Caustic Soul Forged In Violet November Process Tristraum Velvet Acid Christ


A Shoreline Dream Bela Karoli George&Caplin The Life There Is Scaffolding

Art Rock/Avant-Garde

Action Friend The Inactivists Orwellian Math The Skivies Yerkish

World Music

DeVotchKa The Indulgers Kan'Nal Potcheen Folk Band The Motet

DJ Dance: Electronic/Non-Traditional

CacheFlowe Josh Ivy Sara T Michael Trundle Wesley Wayne

DJ Hip-Hop: Club/Turntablists

DJ Bedz DJ Chonz DJ Cysko Rokwel DJ Psycho DJ Vajra

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