Bad Weather California's Chris Adolf on Back Seats, the new EP, and the band's breakup

Bad Weather California has reached its natural conclusion. Although the outfit still has a string of dates left to play, including a tour kickoff show is this Thursday, August 15, at the hi-dive, celebrating its brand new EP, Back Seats -- due out this week on Fire Talk -- Chris Adolf confirms that this is the end of BWC as we know it.

Bad Weather California was formed from the Love Letter Band. The early Bad Weather shows featured Adolf and a kind of beat-up acoustic guitar delivering an emotionally raw and moving performance that had all the power any rock band could command. A year or two later, Adolf started playing with friends in more of a rock-band format. Those friends included Joe Sampson, Roger Green, Xandy Whitesel, Nathaniel Rateliff and Adam Baumeister.

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