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Bang Camaro

Bang Camaro originators Alex Necochea and Bryn Bennett weren't thinking logistics when they settled on their "more is more" approach to building a better band. The first time this stadium-metal sensation from Boston hit the stage with twenty lead singers — yes, twenty! — the show was an instant hit. But when it came time to take the bloated sausagefest on tour, the band realized it couldn't afford to feed all those mouths, prompting Necochea and Bennett to leave "the choir" at home and opt instead to host frontman auditions on their MySpace page. Any shmuck with a DV camera who can shotgun Schlitz like Sebastian Bach and sound his barbaric yawp on fifteen-word songs that ultimately distill the essence of '80s power anthems has a chance to claim his fifteen minutes of metal fame when the Camaro rolls into town. Mullets, Gibson Flying Vs and purple metalflake music come standard.

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R. Kelly Liggin