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Barry Weaver and DJ Reza at Beta

No matter what the endeavor, playing with others can yield some great results. For example, take a twenty-year-plus veteran of dance music who's been there for everything from piano-driven, post-disco proto-house to the current-now sounds of minimal and electro house, then pair him with a hot, rising star with a taste for pop-leaning vocal tracks and big-room, hands-in-the-air bangers. The resulting mix would fuse the tradition-respecting, time-tested skills and taste of a veteran with the fresh ears and raw instinct of an up-and-comer. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Find out for sure when Barry Weaver and DJ Reza join forces Saturday, December 13, at Beta. Weaver (pictured) is the vet, with roots as deep as disco's dying days. Reza is a new trailblazer with a hot hand and a love for trancey, electro-infused, pop-sprinkled house workouts. Together they should whip up a genre-hopping set full of surprises — rooted in tradition, but fully in the moment. Preview them both at

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