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Be the Ant

A little girl starts this two-song EP by saying, "I'm apologizing in advance for what you're about to hear." It's meant to be self-deprecating, obviously, but that only makes sense if you follow it with death metal or something equally badass. Instead, Be the Ant follows it with nine minutes of sad reflections on a lost girl. That can work okay sometimes, but this just gets worse: Side A starts as a half-formed attempt at boy-band punk and devolves from there into a bunch of fraught shouting and a bad bass solo upstaging the even worse guitar solo. Side B is most mercifully described as "emo Cheech & Chong." Sample lyric: "I like it when I smoke and I hear a joke/'cuz I can laugh so hard while my heart is broke." Why you would name your band Be the Ant is a separate problem: Last we checked, ants were not known for their creativity or originality.

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