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Be the Ant

Ants are not glamorous animals, and neither are the five brothers and cousins in their namesake Denver band. On record, the guys function like a small, sloppy, rowdy and hungry colony of aggressively nostalgic former Warped Tour moshers. With discordant shouts and dramatically orchestral riffs layered over every track in excess, the messages are earnest in their violence, if oblivious to their faults. With Singles, the band threatens itself and its lovers in equal proportion before veering into distinctly epic yet absolutely nonsensical life questions such as, "Is this surgery or is this chemistry?" And if you're going to lead your EP with a song titled "Car Sex," the move had better involve some punk-rock finesse, if not, at the very least, punk-pop humor. But amid Be the Ant's urgently emo inspiration and overworked freakouts is a compelling good sportsmanship. They know the cues they're taking, and, yeah, so what.

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Kelsey Whipple
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